Established in the year 2006 under the able guidance and expertise of Eng Daniel Olukayode Jacobs. He is an Electrical Electronics Engineering graduate from the Ababakar Tafawa Balewa University Bauch in Northern Nigeria West Africa, we avidly aim to serve the small and medium scale industries in implementing Management Systems. We believe in guiding our clients by aptly associating with them at every step of Management System implementation.

We analyze and suggest measures as to what strategies can be adopted in order to enhance the development of various SME's to keep pace with increasing globalization. Our clients have been benefited immensely from our services as is evident from their feedback and track records.

About Us
Impact Makers Creativity Services Company Consulting is a global manpower consulting firm specializing in human resource solutions since 2006. We decided to leverage the values and work ethic instilled in us over the years to devise an innovative and more competitive model for consulting services.

We are a dedicated team of dedicated consultants offering top of the line services to small and medium sized businesses to ensure efficiency, productivity and expansion.

We have gained up a reputation for being a reliable, fair-minded and straightforward business solution provider to the best interests of people who desire to advance their trade. Combined with our methodology and work ethics, which has helped us in getting the jobs done quickly and efficiently, this reputation has established us at the forefront in the field of our business.

Our Commitments
To work in close coordination with our clients with speed, quality & volume
To provide training services to small business owners at a reasonable price.
To execute each and every assignment diligently and with integrity
To help small business owners access distributorship status easily with blue chip companies.
Tooffer our clients qualitative prints and publishing products at reasonable prices.

We offer state of the art printing services ranging from:
Production of Calenders, almanacs, jotters, exercise books, writting pad, handbills, fliers, letterheads, envelops, banners, bill boards, wedding cards etc
Branding of mugs, hats, t-shirts, pen, commemorative items for weddings, house warming, etc

Type setting, editting, proof reading, printing, plating, finishing and binding of books/literatures/text/newspapers etc.


Marketing Communications

IMCSC can provide a creative communication support team, whose talents and services are tailored to fit the needs of clients today.

IMCSC difference revolves around focus on innovation, delivering a better creative product, value for money and being more personally involved with clients.

For example, direct mail can be an excellent way to obtain new customers and strengthen relationships with existing ones. IMCSC can arrange list rental, laser imaging, folding, collating and other mail house services ready for lodgement.

IMCSC work collaboratively and strategically with their clients. Ensuring our clients needs are fully met, to maximise results from all marketing communication processes.

Creative Design

Image counts in business! Print Consultants recognises that design is of critical importance in providing the image wanting to be portrayed by the company. Therefore we provide a creative design service that is leading edge. Good design creates a clear image that should influence the perceptions of your customers, shareholders, staff, suppliers and even your competition.

Designs should be: Dynamic | Relevant | Effective.

All company communication should incorporate a synergistic approach to design for:
Promotional material
Electronic media

IMCSC can provide you with a design consultancy service that makes a positive difference.

Our Customer Focus

So how well managed are your business communications?

Is every element of your communications material functional and effective, in terms of the company image, cost-effectiveness & the contribution to business development?

Over the past decade Print Consultants has clearly demonstrated to clients that our experienced consultants have the skills & understanding, to interpret different business needs, processes & methods, proposing & implementing changes to enhance overall business performance.

IMCSC provide a modular management system that offers responsibility for managing the overall performance of the company's business communication purchased by each section or division within the organisation.

IMCSC offers an initial comprehensive Performance Audit of all internal and external print communication material. At completion, a detailed Performance Audit Report will be presented.

Electronic Business Solutions

Electronic business solutions provide businesses today with an effective tool to maximise business communications. IMCSC can advise you as to the latest most efficient ways of using some of the electronic systems available in business today, to achieve the best results for your needs.

There are a number of benefits of going from paper to electronic; assessing information is quicker, costs of managing electronic information are much lower, workflows are increased and the information record is updated faster.

IMCSC can analyse your present system, assist you towards taking your traditional forms and building electronic solutions with custom document viewers, without the need to invest heavily in hardware or training.

Effective Warehousing and Distribution Management.

Effective warehousing and distribution management provide practical and financial advantages. IMCSC take responsibility for sourcing , coordinating, warehousing and distributing print requirements. This may be within your own storage facilities or IMCSC facilities.

IMCSC provide monthly Inventory Management Reports. These include stock levels, monthly usage, minimum re-order levels, stock movements, forms time frame usage comparisons.

We aim for our clients to have minimum investment in stock, achieving efficient and cost effective stock levels. This means your business can reduce costs and save valuable staff time.

IMCSC system is proven and efficient, providing clients with a delivery service that meets every need.

For the rates please get in touch with us on 08035690386 or imcscconsult@gmail.com

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