Our Corporate Vision


The Center for creative Youth International started out as a student campus fellowship known as the Impact Makers at ATBU Bauchi in the year 2000. Its mission was to simply reach out to students with the gospel in a contemporary and professional way that draws them closer to Jesus Christ and his kingdom. This initiative drew to Christ many students that wanted nothing to do with anything “chuchy”, all to the glory of God.

In the year 2002, precisely in the month of August, while reading a new wine brochure in my sitting room, the heavens opened, and the Holy Spirit ministered to my Spirit the following: 

"The continent of Africa is presently undergoing a social-spiritual reformation that will culminate in the economic, political and technological revival of the continent of Africa. A new breed of youth leaders, and entrepreneurs, the kind, the world has never seen before are rising from this continent beginning with Nigeria as the trigger of this maximum Impact....the harvest of Africa has never been more ripe."
By the grace of election, this mission is sent with the message of Identity recovery, aimed at re positioning kingdom citizens in their rightful place, where they can give form to the earth.

Scriptural Concretes:
Genesis 1: 1, 27, Joel 2;1-28, Romans 8:19, Isaiah 58:12, Isaiah 61;1-4 and Isaiah 60:1-22


Raising outstanding “new breed” leaders and entrepreneurs that instruct, mentor, lead with selflessness and integrity, embracing personal improvement, corporate enhancement, spiritual growth, and national development. Taking the great commission of the kingdom of God to new dimensions.


Influencing the destiny of young people in schools, churches, corporate institutions and government through leadership and entrepreneurial training, personal development and Networking fused together by a common purpose.  Vision and commitment to revelation inspired kingdom principles and values.

Creating a platform that facilitates the grooming and preparing of young people for leadership, relationship, and entrepreneurial Excellence. To develop human capacities in schools, ministries, organizations, and in individuals having a crave for kingdom relevance.


Spreading the Love of Jesus through training, seminars, workshops, and other developmental platforms available.

Joining forces with ministries, corporate bodies, and like-minded individuals all around Africa and the Diaspora to cause a huge developmental impact through mind empowerment.

Advancing the gospel of Jesus Christ in the market place.

·         Red Rose Summit
·         Kingdom ICT Summit
·         Vision & Faith Celebration Summit
·         Nation builders summit
·         Accelerate Global impact Summit.

·         Reach out to young people in Orphanages, prisons, hospitals etc.
·         Establishment of Community libraries as well as repairing dilapidated library structures in educationally less advantaged areas.
·         Give scholarships to unprivileged children in our society.
·         Forming partnership with Private industries and “generation next” conscious individuals towards rehabilitate dilapidated classroom structures in our schools in the rural areas.
·         Partner with relevant bodies to bring about basic and necessary infrastructures to areas having no governmental presence, bring light to those in the regions of darkness via opening them up to the wisdom in the book of life. 
·         Provide ICT training for teachers in rural primary and secondary schools.


·         Fear of God,
·         Faith in God,
·         Integrity,
·         Creativity,
·         Hard work,
·         Patriotism,
·         Charity
·         Excellence.

Pst Kay Daniels

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