THE DNA OF AN ENTREPRENEUR with Dr. Joseph Siaw Agyepong



By Joseph Siaw Agyepong

 As far as you can see......

When you are walking the street of Lagos, ensure that you are seeing.

Whatever you see, learn to say it and it would be established by the Holy Spirit.

His Mother gave him $3 to start a business.
He went around getting commissions from printing press all around Ghana. After making some money he started a printing press

The DNA of an entrepreneur does not accommodate "No". The entrepreneur is always trying out something new. H

How you see matters a lot.
Entrepreneurs do not take things for granted. They take advantage of everything they see. The passion of an entrepreneur is in solving problems.

In the past ten years, has been paying more than 65000 people.

Has one of the biggest waste management company in Ghana.

Whatever you do, move with passion.

There is seeing beyond seeing. Creativity is seeing beyond the norm.

All entrepreneurs have one trait, they want to solve problems.

Entrepreneurs do not get discouraged after they might have failed or suffered a set back.

African leadership mindset does not encourage innovation and creativity.

There is nothing wrong in copying what others are doing with the aim of reinventing it towards solving unique problems.

Ecc 11:9-11

The "I CAN DO SPIRIT" is what breaks the barrier of capital.

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