@ Faith Tabernacle | 2nd  Service | 1st of July 2018 | Bishop David Oyedepo

Prophetic Focus July: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH
Mk 11:21-23

Enough is enough is a verdict made possible by faith.

Enough is enough to all unwanted issues in our lives. Amos 3:7

We serve a protocol bound God. He is a God of patterns.

Isaiah 44:26
Matt 11:12

Cowardly gentility is nothing but spiritual stupidity.

As a lion, whatever keeps your mouth shut, shuts down your dominion.

You are redeemed as a lion, to roar at every "dogly" force kicking against you.

When you loose your roar, you loose your destiny.

"Lion redeemed" individuals roar to send fear into the camp of the enemy.

Psalm 81:10-14

"This is not a Fulani republic, no force in hell can shut down the voice and impact of the church."

"Everyone behind the killings in Nigeria come under irreversible curses"

"Anyone that won't let Nigeria rest, shall be laid to rest."

Psalm 7:11 _"God is angry with the wicked everyday"_

Exodus 22:18 "suffer not a witch to live"

There is however a need to be drunk of spiritual wine to manifest as a lion.

Acts 2:14-36

We need to be holy ghost drunk to roar in the spirit.

Ephesians 5:18

We need to be filled with the wine of the holy ghost.

Acts 8:14-22

To roar against evil, you need to be drunk with the wine of the Holy Ghost.

You can't be a killer and a king at the same time

2. You need the wine of revelation. This is possible with the word.

Isaiah 55:1-11

You cannot be drunk with the word wine and not walk in dominion.

You need to be word drunk if you must command dominion.

Always engage the Holy Ghost in a search.

Isaiah 26:9

The deep things of God when assessed is highly intoxicating.

The levels of the word:
Milk level
Meat level
Strong meat level
Wine level

The effect of this wine is what triggers violent or unstoppable faith.

Mark 10:48-52

Mark 2:1-12

Mark 11:12

Enough is enough is only made possible by the violence of faith. 

Genesis 49:12

The Holy Ghost wine is a requirement for turning the lion in you loose.

When the "wine" is working inside, the eyes keeps getting red.

You need the intoxicating nature of the word to stay in command.

Refuse to give the devil room or space.

The wine of the Holy Spirit sets you on fire, making you a no go area for the devil and his agents.


At this covenant day of rescue, we shall be rescued from:

1. The wickedness of the wicked.

"For example the massacre in Jos, where entire families were mercilessly butchered. Yet no one has been prosecuted."

Many in and out of power in Nigeria, committed to enslaving Nigeria shall suddenly disappear in response to the prayers of the saints

2. Generational curses.

Luke 13:16

How to access our rescue rights.

1. Be born again

Hebrews 2:3

Every child of God is a child of light.

Ephesians 5:8

Our escape is rooted in the genuineness of our salvation.

1 Thesis 5:5
John 1:5

Our escape is rooted in the salvation of souls.

Matt 5:16


1. Be planted in Church. This is to keep your battery ever charged.

Psalm 119:130

To keep your battery charged:

a. Stay on the prayer altar.

b.  Stay on in fasting

c. Commit to walking in the light by constantly searching scriptures.

d. Be filled with the Holy Ghost.

2. Be committed to the service of God.

Exodus 23:23-25

3. Keep trusting God. Keep your faith alive.

Ephesians 6:16

Zachariah 9:9-11 - you are coming out of every form of pit today.

What a prophetic service. Hope you have been blessed.

Stay blessed and have a Happy Sunday.

Compiled by Kay Daniels