• The bible is a book of covenants.
• It is a book with conditions to meet if the benefits must be actualized.
• You need to locate the conditions if you must get its attendant rewards.

Church growth would only answer to a fight in prayer and fasting against the gates of hell.

Jeremiah 30:21

In the growth of the church, lies the glory of the engaging saints.

We understand that the holy Ghost is the lord of the harvest.

Matthew 9:38

Acts 2:41 - at the arrival of the holy ghost, the church multiplied 25 times. (120*25=3000)

Acts 5:14 Multitudes where added to the church.

Acts 6:7 Great multiplication at the instance of the Holy Ghost.

Isaiah 41:17 - 18

John 7:37-39

We engage in prayer and fasting to invoke the presence of the holy ghost.

Psalm 63:1-2

Luke 11:13

Acts 4:30-33

Numbers 11:31

Multitudes drafted into the kingdom is a function of the manifestation of the holy ghost.

Isaiah 5:26-27

When God whistles over the harvest field, multitudes race into the churches.

Acts 13:44 - By the wind of the Holy Spirit, the whole city is emptied into the churches.

The holy Ghost is the drafter of multitudes into the house of God.

Without the lord of the harvest, every drive for multitude would lead to frustration.

"Holy Ghost take over our harvest fields as the mighty rushing wind, drafting in multitudes irresistibly into all our churches."

"As you step out today, you will step into supernatural additions on every side in Jesus name. Today is opening up for you in Jesus name."

Good Morning!

Pst Kay Daniels