Bishop David Oyedepo

Isaiah 25:6-8 - No one returns with tears on their faces.

Everyone appointed to death is returning liberated.

"Shiloh 2018 - I have dominion
I have dominion - I take dominion at Shiloh 2018."

Matt 8:17 - My body answers to my authority from henceforth.

Every prophetic gathering is a two-sided gathering. Deut 30:19, Deut 28:1 & 14, 15

Make a choice for God's blessings.

Ephesians 3:14, Zachariah 5:4


What is dominion?

• Been in control of the affairs of life.

Genesis 1:26 - 28

• It is having it always the way you want it.

Matt 8:9-13

• It is been in command in one's field of endeavor.

Daniel 1:20 | Daniel 6:3

• Having authority from on high to reign in life.

Revelation 5:9-10 | Mark 11:28-31

The authority that enthrones us is from heaven. It is not man-made so it cannot be checked or checkmated by man.

Phil 3:20

We are heavenly citizens on a mission on the earth.

Romans 5:17

We reign in life by Jesus Christ.

Daniel 7:27 | Psalm 110:1-3 | Ecc 3:1,11

God makes all things beautiful in its time.

It is Gods timing that makes all things beautiful and shinning.

There is beauty in God's timing.

The end time church is ordained a reigning church.

Isaiah 2:1-3

Authority in the last days shall be domiciled in the church, the world's opinion notwithstanding.

The law (authority) shall proceed from Zion and the word (Revelation) shall proceed from Jerusalem.

Be sensitive to God's timing.

Psalm 87:1-7

What is Zion?

Hebrews 12:22-24

Zion is the church in prophecy.

The giants in all fields of endeavor shall be domiciled in the church.

The highest is establishing himself in the church.

Dominion is Gods agenda for the end time church.

Notable and noble citizens of the earth shall be domiciled in the end time church.

It is one thing to see it, it another thing to receive it.

Romans 12:2

• See it with your eyes.
• Receive with your fertile mind.
• Believe it with your heart.
• Declare it with your mouth.
• Put to work what you have declared.
• Walk in the consciousness of its reality. 1 Samuel 2:3
• Be assured that God integrity is committed to performing His word. Be fully persuaded that He would perform what he has shown you in his word.

Eph 5:8, Psalm 74:20

God shall be confirming these last days that heaven does rule in the affairs of men.

Daniels 4:25 - 26, Eph 2:6, 1:21-22

We are heavenly rulers on the earth.

Whatever you can speak boldly, you have not received heartily.

Ecc 9:10

Whatever you believe in your heart, keeps you while you are still asleep.

** What you are stuff your heart with is what responds even while you are asleep.

Isaiah 14:24 - 27 - Every resistance is broken off.

• Churches like nations shall continue to rise in the last days.

Zech 8:22

Churches would become global pacesetters.

• Men and women like nations shall be rising these last days.

Genesis 13: 14-17 & 14:14-16

Isaiah 60:22

Matthew 19:11 - It is only men that it is given that can receive certain sayings.

Obadiah 1:21

Global rescue agents shall be rising from the church.

Isaiah 60:1-3, Matthew 5:13-15

Isaiah 59:14-15

1 Timothy 3:15

John 8:32

You must dominate your life before you can dominate your world.

Obadiah 1:17-21

Personal leadership would precede corporate leadership.

Dominion begins with you dominating the issues of your life.

Until you are liberated, you cannot liberate others.

Acts 10:38 | Matthew 8:17

You have to dominate your issues if you must dominate your world.

Romans 4:19-22

Refuse to consider other peoples opinion. Consider only the word.

There are certain things that cannot be imagined in heavenly places - that is where we are seated.

You will never dominate what you will not despise.

Jude 6

You despise by the word of God.

Matthew 28:18

The devil has no power left with him.

Romans 13:1 | Psalm 34:2

Wealth is getting what you want.

Joel 2:2 - 3

Fix your eyes only on God and you will never be ashamed.

Psalm 34:5

Keep your eyes on Jesus and not on people, big or small.

Numbers 1 & 4 - From the age of 20, you are absolutely responsible for the outcomes of your life.

Anything you add to Jesus would complicate your life.

Psalm 16:4 | Exodus 3:14

What you do or won't do, does not affect God in any way. He is I Am that I AM.

John 5:25

"Any truth that has been revealed, which you have seen with your eyes, received with your mind, believed in your heart, decided to walk in the reality of the same and been persuaded of the same shall be delivered to you on this mountain." 10:08pm Bishop Oyedepo.

Never play with the truth of scriptures, rather actively engage it.

Dominion begins with dominating the issues of your life.

When you see the littleness of the devil, your fear immediately disappears.

KAY DANIELS SHILOH 2018 DIARY DAY 1 with Bishop David Abioye


DAY 1 Morning Session at Shiloh 2018 - DOMINION. 5th December 2018

Teaching 1 by Bishop David Abioye.


Servants with a service mentality, soon rise to the top.

Servants are rulers in the making.

Servants don't really negotiate pay until that have proved their worth.

Servanthood is all about offering help.

Stop looking for who would help you, rather look for whom you are sent to.

Servants have destiny helper mentality.

Always take yourself out of the way, if you must have your way.

Servanthood decentralizes you. It is not all about you, but about others.

Numbers 12:7-8, Joshua 1:2, Exodus 32:32

Focus on self reduces you to less. Focus on others, expands you.

Joshua 11:28, Job 1:8, Job 29:12

The greatest position in God is servanthood.

Psalm 89:20-22

Serve people who cannot really pay you back.

Heart of service is what brings about the anointing.

2 Samuel 5:2 - 3

There is a difference between been appointed and been accepted.

Take the heart of service before seeking the anointing for performance.

Qualities of a true servant.
• Selflessness
• Obedience.
• Humility.
• Love

Joshua 24:15, Phil 2:5-7, Isaiah 42:1-2

KAY DANIELS' SHILOH 2018 DIARY DAY 1 with Pst Faith Oyedepo

Pst Faith Oyedepo


Psalm 37:11 | Matthew 5:5

Meekness is not synonymous to weakness.

Meekness is power under control.

Meekness is actually ALL Power under control.

Meekness is absolute power under control.

Meekness is the valve that controls

how we deploy or use power.

Genesis 45:5

Meekness is one of the control systems of power.

Sporadic promotion answers to meekness.

Strife makes room for all the works of the devil.

Meekness is a fruit of the Spirit.

Galatians 5:22

Meekness has to be developed.

What is the Dominion power of meekness?

Meekness is the covenant platform for greatness.

Moses the meek became Moses the Great.

Numbers 12:3. = Deut 34:10-12

Meekness = Greatness.

Joseph the meek became Joseph the great.

Genesis 41:16

Men of meekness always affirm that it is not in them....the ascribe all to God.

Daniel 2:19-20

Men of meekness constantly acknowledge God for all things.

Men of meekness are constantly soaked in gratitude.

Your level of greatness is tied to your level of meekness.

Men of meekness never despise the days of little beginning.

Men of meekness cannot come under any form of curses.

Men of meekness are destined to inherit the earth.

Isaiah 41:8 - Abraham's meekness made him the friend of God.

Meekness determines divine lifting.

Despite enormous power, the meek still themselves as a child, unqualified, etc.

Divine guidance always accompany the meek.

Psalm 25:9

Only the meek can effectively connect to the voice of God.

Meekness is the supernatural gateway to supernatural dominion.

Proverbs 8:6

Phil 3:10

The staff of dominion can only be possessed by the meek.

"Baptise me afresh with the Spirit of meekness"

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